TULIP Internship, Qualifications, Program Benefits, How to Apply

On 4th June 2020, Human Resource Department Ministry launched TULIP Internship for almost 1 crore students who have completed their graduation. Students in all the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and Smart cities will get this opportunity through the medium of Housing & Urban Affairs of Ministry and HRD. Nevertheless, the urban Learning of the Internship Program (TULIP) can be of 8 weeks to at least 1 year. After the completion of TULIP, the applicant will get a certificate as well. All the allowances will be bear by the Ministry itself. Ramesh Pokhriyal, HRD Minister said that this program will harness the dream of Narender Modi, the Prime Minister of India.

This Program will let all the students think out of the box with the infuse of innovative and technical thinking in collaboration with ULBs. Around 1 crore students/ graduates/ freshers will get the benefits out of TULIP Internship.

TULIP Internship Aspirational India

In the Latest Financial Budget 2020-21 announced by Nirmala Sitharaman who is the finance minister, where she added that the Government is about to start a new program where freshly graduated engineers will work with ULBs and showcase their talent in up to 1 year of internship. In the Financial Budget, TULIP was proposed to come under Aspirational India Theme. Not only this, but there are also many benefits added by the government for all the applicants. According to the sources, the Government will invite 25000 applicants to join this internship who are in their first year of college. Through this, they will not only get a boost in their future prospects but also they will gain an abundance of exposure.

For the first time in India, a program like this is invited by the Government. HRD Minister applauded AICTE and ULBs officials for their efforts and ideas they have put in for TULIP till now. Applications are open for the applicants who have completed their graduation or in between it. But before must read the specializations and Qualifications needed for the same.

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Qualifications needed for TULIP Internship

There is a set of rules for TULIP so that graduates apply for the program accordingly. TULIP will give internships to the graduates according to their specific qualifications and degree which they have acquired. Graduates who have completed their degree in B.arch/ B.Plan/ B.sc/ B.tech within the18 months of the date of their graduation can apply now for TULIP. Below is the table through which you can check your Qualifications and Specializations.

Department Name Qualification/Specializations
Urban Planning Including town planning B.Plan/Equivalent
Building and Layouts B.Plan (Civil/Equivalent), B.Arch
Economic and Social development B.Tech (CS/IT), BA/BSc (Economics, Sociology, Statistics, Management Sciences)
Roads and Bridges B.Tech – Civil
Water Supply B.Tech –Civil, Chemical
Public Health, Sanitation conservancy, and Solid waste management B.Tech – Civil/CS/IT/Mechanical
Urban Forestry, Protection of the environment and promotion of ecological aspects B.Plan, BA/BSC, Environmental Studies
Procurement B.Tech/BBA/BCA
Provision of Urban amenities and facilities such as parks, gardens, playgrounds B.Arch, B.Tech – Civil, Electrical, Mechanical

BSc, Horticulture

Promotion of cultural, education and aesthetic aspects B.Arch
Research on Transport and urban mobility B.Plan, B.Tech Mechanical / Electrical / Civil
Statistical analysis & date analytic BA/ BSC- Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, B.Tech –Cs/IT
Municipal Finances B.com/ BA
Special Purpose Interns B.Tech
Cattle pounds: Prevention of cruelty to animals BA/ B.Sc- Veterinary Sciences/Equivalent
Workshop operations & Maintenance B.Tech


Store & Logistics management
Project management
Development of digital tools and apps for e-governance. Assisting in ICCC operations
Public amenities including street lighting, parking lots, bus stops and public conveniences B.Arch, B.Tech – Civil / Electrical
Slum Improvement and up gradation B.Arch, B.Tech- Civil, BA/ BSC Sociology
Legal LLB

HRD Ministry Internship Benefits

The following are some of the benefits of joining/ apply for the HRD Ministry Internship. Applicants or Graduates will get exposure and they can use their own analytic thinking to create innovations in various fields. The opportunities given in Smart cities to all the appointed interns will be directly relatable to different sectors of various industries. For instance, in Smart India Hackathon all the potential applicants will get to use their thinking and practical experience to get the solutions for various industries. These industries face day to day problems in many sectors and need potential engineers/ graduates to solve their problems.

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Following are some Highlights of TULIP Program 2020

  1. It will help graduates to get exposure and will give the chance to blend their talent into their qualifications.
  2. Market value to engineers and graduates will be increased through TULIP Program.
  3. ULBs and many industries will be benefited from TULIP, as they will get high hardworking and caliber graduates from all over the nation.
  4. Twin goals will be achieved through TULIP. First, that interns will get to learn and experiment, and Second through this Smart cities will get fresh ideas and talent for them.

For more information regarding TULIP Internship Program, stay tune on this page.

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