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Maharashtra Liquor Home Delivery is now available in many places at the official website of excise duty for Sell Alcohol in Mumbai and Pune. Maharashtra Government has set up the whole process of granting Wine/ Whiskey/ Beer e-token to the buyers of liquor online. This process is introduced in order to defy any physical contact. After 40 days of Lockdown, when wine shops opened in the state, it was found that many violated the rules of social distancing. With the contamination of the novel Corona Virus all over the country, the need for social distancing is really important. To avoid further mess around Wine/ Liquor shops in the state Maharashtra State Government started limited e-tokens for buying beer, country alcohol, wine, imfl etc.

Latest Update – Home delivery of liquor started in Pune on April 20, 2021, following an official notification issued by the Maharashtra government. Sources said that many wine shops in Pune started delivering liquor to consumers under stringent SOPs. Information on this is driven from last year.

Maharashtra Liquor Online

To get a Maharashtra Liquor token, you just need to visit the official website of Maharashtra excise duty. There you need to fill some information regarding your personal details and after filling those you will get the e-token. Maharashtra Liquor token will allow you to buy 12 liters of liquor including wine, beer, imfl, wine etc. This is generally a pilot process from Maharashtra Government to know how it goes with the Liquor token. If it does not work, soon you all see some new scheme to buy liquor from your nearest wine shop.

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Name of the GovernmentMaharashtra State Government
Token Granted byExcise Duty Department, Maharashtra
ValidityThis is a pilot process announced only in Pune and Nashik
BenefitsSocial distancing rules will not be violated and contamination of coronavirus will be prevented

In a recent re-opening of Liquor shops, all the buyers gathered outside and violated social distancing. Encountering this, the Maharashtra government has started e-token service, which will have all the details on the token. You just need to show that token to the shopkeeper and he will allow you with the liquor mentioned on it. Though on the token there is a section of time slotting. The time provided on the token is for the buyer to visit the nearest liquor shop and buy the booze.

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Recently, Prime Minister of India addressed the nation on 12th May 2020 and pointed towards the extension of Lockdown to 4.0. Whereas, Lockdown 3.0 will end on 17th May. Though during this recent lockdown, many regions in orange and green zone got partial relaxations and are under minimal restrictions. While some states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh are under the red zone and the cases of Covid-19 is increasing day by day. Till now more 2000 deaths are reported this pandemic. With these extended lockdowns, the economy of India has deteriorated to the extend. While addressing recently PM Modi announces 20 Lakh crore budget which is 10 percent of GDP of India. This amount will help to reignite the economy in India once again.

While not only this, opening liquor shops all over the country as well as Maharashtra has a latent reason behind this. Liquors play a great role in uplifting finances with the state governments. Maharashtra state has one of the greatest consumption of liquor in the country. It will help the government of the state to uplift some finances for the uncertain future.

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How to apply for Pune Liquor Token Online?

Nevertheless, this process is not carried all over the state as this is started on a pilot basis. Only Pune and Nashik regions have the facility of e-token. Read the following steps in order to get your Pune Liquor token Online.

  1. Visit the site Only this website will grant you e token for your liquor. No other website will grant you the token.
  2. After visiting the website, click on the link of Liquor Token.
  3. Once it is done, enter details name, contact number, region, Pincode.
  4. After adding this, select type of liquor – Beer, wine, IMFL, country alcohol etc.
  5. Just a few steps away, select the liquor shop nearby and click the submit button.
  6. A token will be generated by all the details from your number, region, contact details, and choice of liquor.

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Frequently Asked Question for Liquor Token

With this new process started from Maharashtra Government, liquor token is granted many buyers are coming up with their queries online. Some of the queries are answered by us, which are as follows:

I am 20 years old and will be 21 in a few days, am I eligible for purchasing Liquor?

No, you should be 21 years of age. It doesn’t matter that in a few days you will be of this age. Wait for a little and then get your liquor.

If I am unable to reach to the liquor shop at the allotted timing, then?

Nothing much, you just need to have a new token with the new timings. Once the time allotted on the token is gone, you will not be allowed to do the purchasing.

Official site of Maharashtra Excise duty is not functioning, what to do?

Wait for a little, you will be able to use it.

For more updates, stay tuned.

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