Maharashtra 9th 10th 11th 12th Career Counselling Online Portal, Login id, Process

Maharashtra Government has been started 9th 10th 11th 12th Career Counselling Login id registration at Online Portal/ Website ( On 22nd May the minister of School education Mrs, Varsha Gaikwad launched Maharashtra Career Portal through a webinar. Other than her, another 5000 officials attended the webinar. She explained the importance of the career portal and how it is for students’ betterment to their officials. UNICEF and MSCERT collaborated and supported the new career portal launched by Maharashtra. Over 66 Lakh students will get benefits from this recently launched career portal. This career portal is for students studying in Class 9th to Class 12th. Maharashtra launches Career portal in the awakening of counseling needed to all their students so that they can be more inclined towards their future.

Starting from May 30, more information is available below.

Maharashtra 9th 10th 11th 12th Career Counselling

The whole Career Portal which is recently announced for the students of class 9th to 12th is designed by iDream Career. This firm is Delhi based and is currently working on many big projects in India. UNICEF collaborated with them to induce such a great project for the betterment of students of Maharashtra. This portal is in two languages. One is Marathi and another one is English. The reader can choose any of the languages in which they are comfortable.

On the website, left-hand side you will see two boxes. Those two boxes contain a tab of English and one Marathi. Choose the language according to your preference. We have personally visited the career portal launched by Maharashtra and found no technical glitch till now. It is a great step taken by the UNICEF Maharashtra and MSCERT to launch such a platform where the student will get an abundance of knowledge on their career and much more to learn. Mrs. Rajeshwari Chandrasekar who is a chief of UNICEF Maharashtra said that In this rough phase of pandemic hit our country, we fear that may the older students drop out from the education system. But now they can easily access all the knowledge available on the career portal.

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What is the importance of

Career Portals has always shown some importance in not only student’s life but also in teacher too. The importance of Career Portal is:

  1. It will empower students to explore more and more career options.
  2. It will give immense knowledge in the sector of agriculture, animal husbandry, social issues etc. These topics are mostly untouched and now can be great career opportunities too.
  3. Counselors can guide students in a better way through the medium of the career portal.
  4. An informed choice about a career is important and so this career portal will provide it to the students.
  5. It will not only empower girls but also empower boys too. The social issue of gender equality has been a major part of this whole career portal.
  6. Counseling will be easy through a mahacareerportal portal. As it will be more beneficial to students to understand which career has better opportunities nowadays.

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Details of Maharashtra New Launched Career Portal

This newly launched career portal has almost 500 new career’s which is also consist of non-traditional career’s too. Now the opportunities are just double and choice-making will be easy for students. Some of the details which we want to share about this newly launched Maharashtra Career Portal is like:

  • It will get start on 27th May 2020 by using an ID and Password.
  • These ID and password will be allotted to your respective schools and you can get it from there.
  • Only students of Class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th will be able to join this career portal and further information.
  • This portal is providing 24*7 service. Any query will be answered now.
  • Students will now get information on fellowships, other country’s college information, eligibility for admission, other state colleges fees/ scholarship/ admission process/ entrance exam, etc.

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Frequently Asked Question about Maha career portal

Following are some FAQ’s from students to know more about this portal which is answered below:

Q. Is this Career portal only for students in Maharashtra State?

A. yes, students studying in Maharashtra mainly in Class 9th to 12th will be able to access this portal.

Q. How can teachers and Parents be benefited from this portal?

A. For teachers, there are some tutorials too which can shape their teaching methodology. For parents, it is beneficial in a way that now their child will get more opportunities to explore for their career.

Q. What is the main reason to launch this portal now?

A. In the amid Lockdown, Maharashtra State Government wants all the schools to encourage their students to get knowledge about new explored careers.

Q. Is this portal free of cost?

A. yes, The counseling and other knowledge in it is free of cost for all the eligible students.

For more updates for Maharashtra 9th to 12th Career Counselling, Stay Tuned.

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