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Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has recently launched an e-learning portal named as Kidglove. This new E-Learning portal – is launched for all the students of Kerala to impart knowledge on cybersecurity and cybercrimes. Because of lockdown nationwide, the dependency on the Internet has just got doubled. Every state and respective schools are carrying virtual or online classes to spread learning and knowledge according to the syllabus of each class. Students at a tender age are also started using the Internet and so as students in teenagers too.

This rise the alarming bell for all parents. Witnessing this concern of parents, guardians, and even teachers, the Government of Kerala has finally launched Kidglove. This portal will help all the students to understand cybercrimes and cybersecurity. Not only this, but this portal will also make them understand the usage of the Internet for education and learning purposes only.

Kerala Police KIDGLOVE –

Kidglove is initiated by the Kerala Police in an association with the Australian Government, ISRA and eSafety Commissioner. This project will finally empower Kerala students to keep safe while they are using the Internet. Digital safety is a must while parents and teachers cannot keep an eye on their wards all the time. The learning of crimes happening on the Internet and how to report those crimes are the main motto of Kidglove. Though this project is not new as we are thinking of. It’s just that the importance of Kidglove is high at the time of Lockdown nationwide.

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What students will learn from Kerala Kidglove is mentioned below:

  1. Internet Crimes happening all over the world against children: There are many internet crimes happening all over the world but crimes against children have maximized over time. Out of many some of them are child pornography, sexual assault, and abuse too. To prevent these all crimes, Kerala Police, as well as Government, has joined hands. Kidglove will help students mainly minors to understand what these crimes are and how to deal with it.
  2. How to keep yourself safe Online: Well not only students or minors, everybody should know how one can keep themselves safe when they are online. Keeping the privacy of the content you are surfing is top on the charts. Parents and teachers should also make them teach about the websites they should surf and websites they should avoid.
  3. Detailed Class on Cyber Bullying: This is a big concern for all the parents and teachers. Cyber Bullying cases in India have increased drastically over the past few years. Students will get to learn through Kidglove that how they can prevent Cyber Bullying and even how to stop this crime and report it directly.

C0C0n X and Kidglove Relation

All the parents, teachers, and other readers must know that how Kidglove is initiated? As mentioned above Kidglove is not so new portal but its new portal for students. Earlier, Kidglove was launched in 2015 that too as a part of C0C0n. Kerala Police has been spreading awareness about Kidglove from the past few years. Till now 10 editions are released in the form of a conference in association with ISRA and POLCYB. Both organizations are non-profit. Even POLCYB is a non-profit organization of Canada which is also working on kidglove to prevent all the cyber crimes happening in the country. Some of the activities of Kidglove till now are :

  1. Holding conferences from time to time
  2. Arrangements of Seminars
  3. Competition
  4. Managing Workshops
  5. Call For Papers
  6. Symposiums

These activities are done regularly by Kidglove from the past few years. We hope that Kidglove and this prompt initiative from the side of the Government of Kerala and state Police will be successful in preventing crimes against children. Kidslove has developed many curricula on Cybersecurity and cyber crimes for students. Through this E-learning platform, they will seek immense knowledge about this topic. Nevertheless, Advisory and Consultation will be performed by Kidglove from time to time to avoid any crimes further against minors/ students/ children.

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