BEV Q App APK Download, Kerala Liquor Queue Token Booking Date

Kerala BEV Q App APK Download Liquor Online Booking Date and step to Book Liquour on Text SMS is given here. The BEVCO Online Liquor Queue Token Purchase BEV Q Mobile App launched by Kerala State Beverages Corporation Limited. Kochi-based start-up company Faircode Technologies has developed the BEV Q App with the objective to sell drinks in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Wayanadu, Kannur, and others. So now the Kerala State all 301 Outlets,  576 bars, and 291 beer parlor are ready to sell through Online Virtual Queue Token Booking Application BEVCO App. There are the consumers who can buy online Beer, Whiskey, Brandy, Rum, Wine/Toddy as per their choice of English Desi Foreign Made Liquor by Order Online through the website and BEVCO BEVQ App download link available here. So who wants to buy beer online in Kerala first need to download Kerala beverages App in their Android IOS mobile by Google Play Store as well as KSBC official website. However the details of How To download and Use BEVCO Mobile App BEVQ for Liquor Booking Queue Token In Kerala from. The Latest and updates BEVCO New Price List 2020 in Kerala for each alcohol brand is given here also.

Current Status – Beverages Corporation outlets are suffering losses due to low sales. If an outlet has a minimum sale of 8 lakh rupees per day, then it can be considered profitable.

Based on last days, average Rs 22.75 crore of liquor sold through the BevQ App. The timing of booking for liquor purchases through the BevQ app has been changed. Now virtual queue booking for the next day will be done from noon to 7 PM only. Online liquor sales in Kerala have restored today from 12 noon resumed. Within 10 minutes, more than one and a half lakh booking received and 4,56,000 tokens has issued so far. As told, today was no technical issue faced while booking.

A meeting was held with Excise Minister T P Ramakrishnan in which Faircode Technologies, being a startup, decided to give some more time to rectify the defects of BevQ and asked for a detailed report regarding the technical flaws. At the same time, the company assured the minister that the glitches have now been fixed, to be able to generate tokens to buy liquor on Saturday. Bevco MD Kumar has said that liquor sales are closed on May 31 and June 1, consumers will have a hassle-free experience from Tuesday, June 02.

Faircode Technologies says that the delay in getting BevQ’s OTP has been corrected by a tie-up with the three service providers. Also, the problem of booking liquor through SMS has now been resolved. There are still many complaints in the user interface of Apple iOS. Some of the token recipients did not receive alcohol because they were out of stock. If the booking is done at the beginning of the day, you will be served the next day.

1.8 ലക്ഷത്തിലധികം ആളുകൾ ബെവ്ക്യു അപ്ലിക്കേഷൻ ഡൗൺലോഡുചെയ്‌തു. അപ്ലിക്കേഷന്റെ സാങ്കേതിക പ്രശ്‌നങ്ങളെക്കുറിച്ച് അവർ പരാതിപ്പെട്ടു. സാങ്കേതിക ബഗുകൾ‌ ഉടൻ‌ തന്നെ പരിഹരിക്കുമെന്ന് ബെവ്‌ക്യു ഡവലപ്പർ‌ ഉറപ്പുനൽകി.

BEVCO added the facility of Book Liquour slot through Text SMS. Liquor buying slot can be booked between 6 AM to 10 PM. A source says that Faircode is guaranteeing that even if 8 million users use the app at once, the server will not crash. ബെവ് ക്യു യിൽ മദ്യം ബുക്ക് ചെയ്യുന്നത് നാളെ ആരംഭിക്കാം. ഇന്ന് ഉച്ചതിരിഞ്ഞ് ആപ്ലിക്കേഷൻ ഗൂഗിൾ പ്ലേ സ്റ്റോറിൽ ലഭ്യമാകും, മദ്യ വിൽപ്പന മെയ് 28 ന് ആരംഭിക്കുമെന്ന് പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കുന്നു.

BEV Q App APK Download Link

Finally, the Kerala State Beverages BEV Q App Download Link is now available on google play store as well as IOS form Saturday expected. As the Government of Kerala is Stater Selling Online Alcohol online in the State after Lockdown relaxation. There are the Kerala BEVCO Liquor Virtual Question Token App is launched by the Kerala State Beverages Corporation Limited. In the State, all there are total 1200 Liquor Outlets, and 300 Wine shops are connected through the Kerala Online Liquor App BEV Q to purchase any type of Wine, Whiskey, Beer, Toddy, Brandy, and English/Desi Daru. The tipplers are much awaited when will be the BEVCO Mobile App E-Token releases Date on play store.

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On May 21, Due to six security questions raised by the Google Play Store to BEVCO on the Bev Q App, the sale of liquor in Kerala may continue to be delayed. If Google is satisfied with the answers of BEVCO and allows the app to be launched, then the app has to be tested to ensure that it is working without any problems.

On May 28, The liquor is sold in Kerala through various beverage outlets and bars between 9 AM to 5 PM. The BevQ Android App is available on the Google Play Store to book alcohol online. They complained about the technical issues of the App. Many people said that the App not available in the Play Store and also facing delays in receiving the OTP. On the other hand, some reported that the app provided to liquor shops to verify the customer’s e-token was not working in many places, and because of it, they have waited more than an hour. BevQ’s developer Faircode assured technical bugs will be resolved shortly.

Book Liquour on SMS

To Book Liquor – 

To Book Beer/ Wine –

And send this Text SMS to 8943389433. Soon BEVCO Booking ID will receive over SMS to confirm your booking.

So finally we want to assure all the drink lovers that the KSBC is going to live the Kerala liquor Booking App till Saturday on the Google Play store. However, the subsidiary company and the Beverages Corporation are already submitted on the Play store but there is some issue on the approval. So the soon the Kerala BEVCO BEV Q App APK Download for online Liquor Queue token booking by SMS on Mobile Number is available from today. However, the complete details of How to download the Kerala Beverages App for Online Alcohol Order booking process, Eligibility of buy beer and wine, Document, and details to fill out for registration are given here.

Kerala BEVCO Liquor Queue Token Booking Link

Kerala BEVCO Online Liquor Booking Mobile App Bev Q

The Kerala State Beverages (M&M) Corporation Ltd is developing BEV Q Liquor Mobile App for Virtual Queue Management system in the state for the sale of IMFL, Beer, Wine, Foreign Liquor (FMFL) and Foreign Made Wine (FMW), etc. In the Covid 19 Lockdown, the tipplers are very difficult to Buy Beer Online in Kerala. So after uplifting form the lockdown all the retail wine shops, Bar and Store are open by the Government. However, due to overcrowding, social distance maintains to very difficult. So the Government decided now to sell Liquor Online through Kerala BEVCO Online Liquor Booking App Download to release on Google Play Store.

Scheme Name BEVCO Online Liquor Booking
Organization Kerala State Beverages (M & M) Corporation LTD (KSBC)
BEVCO App Name BEV Q Available on Google Play Store
Queue Token Online through Kerala BEVCO Mobile App
Official Website Link

BevQ User Manual – PDF

Bev Q App –

So despite going outside form home, the candidate can book their choice of Wine, Beer, Brandy, and other Alcohol Beverages at staying Home. The drink lover first has to download the Kerala Beverages BEVQ Application in your mobile and need to register with your correct details. However, there is some restriction of Online Order. They can be ordered from their Nearby Wine Shops. However, details process regarding the Kerala Online Liquor Purchase Token get in your Mobile By SMS and visit the respective retail shops and collect your order by paying price.

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Kerala Beverage BEVCO Liquor New Price List Wine/ Beer/ Brandy/ Whiskey/ Rum

The Kerala State Beverage Corporation is now renewing the Price and rate of all types of Alcohol Liquor Wine, Beer, Brandy, Whisky, and Rum, etc. There are the consumer can get the BEV Q App Liquor New Price List updates details here.

Liquors 180 ml 375 ml 500 ml 750 ml 1000 ml
Metro Special Brandy 160 290 350 460 700
Metro Gold Brandy 160 290 350 460 700
Southern Choice Brandy 330 650 780 1230 1520
JB Brandy 180 320 390 460 730
GB Premium Brandy 190 390 520 770 1010
Metro Gold Whisky 180 320 400 460 770
Metro Gold XXX Rum 160 270 350 460 690
JB XXX Premium Rum 180 320 390 460 730
GB Rum 190 390 520 770 1010
Southern Choice XXXRum 330 650 780 1230 1520
Southern Choice White Rum 330 650 780 1230 1520
Southern Choice Vodka 330 650 780 1230 1520
Central Province Brandy 540 1080
Mood Maker Brandy 140 270 350 540
Superman Brandy 140 260 330 480 560
James McGill Brandy 120 320 380 620 730
Lemount White Brandy 220 430 500 850 950
Central Province Whisky 280 550 530 1090
Jamaican Magic Rum 140 270 350 540 470
Superman Rum 140 260 330 480 560
James McGill Rum 120 290 370 570 740
Titanium Tripple Distilled Vodka 280 540 540 1080
Papillon Reserve Brandy 220 440 530 850 1000
Bejois Napoleon Brandy 410 850 1030 1700
Dupleix XO Brandy 340 680 800 1360 1590
Amrut Prestige Select Whisky 170 340 360 680 720
Maqintosh Finest Grain Whisky 290 580 690 1160 1340
Maqintosh Blue Reserve Whisky 400 780 930 1560
Amrut Rajigala Indian Single Malt Whisky 6190
Amrut Amalgam Peated Malt Whisky 5600
Amrut Peated Indian Single Malt Whisky 5660
Amrut Zatara Spiced Indian Rum 360 700 830 1390 1660
Columbus Premier Rum 250 470 530 1000 1050
Bluemax Crystal Vodka 340 670 780 1330 1560
Bejois Premium Brandy 150 310 390 620 760
Bejois Supreme Brandy 150 310 370 610 730
Clubhouse Supreme Brandy 230 460 580 870 1150
Old Port Deluxe Rum 140 280 330 510 660
Maqintosh Jubilee Rum 140 280 340 540 630
XO Old Port Rum 160 310 370 570 730
Old Port Premier White Rum 160 300 390 560 720
Old Port Special XXX Rum 160 300 390 560 730
Muscovy Fine Vodka 140 290 350 580 640
Muscovy Orange Vodka 150 300 370 600 660
Bluemax Classic Orange Vodka 190 320 400 630 770
Bluemax Classic Fine Vodka 190 320 400 630 770
Kyron Premium Brandy French Blend 310 610 1220
Master Cellar Selection Kyron Premium Brandy 330 650 1290
Lord & Master French Grape Brandy 220 450 480 880 920
Officer’s Choice Deluxe Brandy 190 380 440 710 870

Details About BEVCO BEV Q App Kerala Liquor Online Booking

  • The BEVQ App is available on Mobile.
  • A candidate can download by Google Play Store or IOS Store directly.
  • There are website is also launched for Online Virtual queue Token Order.
  • The candidates can be order form he listed nearby shops only.
  • The Home Delivery facility may or may not be available.
  • The Order can be collected by the Shops you have to choose for order and the time allotted.
  • It will work on GPS location, so you have to need to enable your mobile Location o find him near me wine shops in Kerala all-district.
  • Consumers can buy only 3 Litres of Liquor at a time in a day.
  • There will be a total 301 outlets under BEVCO, over 500 bars, and 225 beer and wine parlors where you can order for your liquor.

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How to Download BEVCO BEV Q App Buy Online Liquor In Kerala State

  • Once the BEV Q Liquor Token Booking App get security approval, you have to visit on Google Play Store.
  • Now Search for ”BEV Q App”
  • There will be the list of related application will appear on the search, now you have to click on only BEVCO Bevq App only.
  • Now Click on Install Button o download in your mobile.
  • After successfully download and Install you have to tap on it open.
  • Now Go to Registration page an provide the personal details like Name, Age, Gender, Mobile Number, and Email Id.
  • Now enter your Address, Government ID number, and Nearest Landmarks information.
  • After successfully registration you can order for your choice of liquor.

How to get Kerala Beverages BEVCO App Queue Token and Track our Order

  • After Successfully registration you can now go to Buy Online Liquor Order.
  • There is a list of Wine/Beer shops near me that will be shown.
  • You can choose any shops and now add the required Alcohol Brand Liquor in your cart in the limit.
  • Now after that, you have to click on the Order now button.
  • You have to receive the Online Liquor Booking E Token Number and time, date, shops, and order details through SMS in your Mobile.
  • Now go out to collect your order by showing the Virtual Queue token to shops.
  • How you can go to the dashboard section and click on the track order link to check the status of your token number.

Thus the Kerala BEVCO App BEV Q Token for purchase of liquor online is download now directly from the given link here. Moreover, the candidates can buy Alcohol from the chosen shop, bar, and outlets at the given time slot.

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