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Indian Space Research Organization has declared an online competition named ISRO Cyberspace Competition for Grade 1 to 8. According to ISRO, in this pandemic crucial time, the young mind’s talent should not get wasted. They have planned to organize drawing competitions, model making competitions, essay writing competitions. There will be a Space Quiz test also for Class 11 and 12. Top 500 students who participated in ISRO Competition will get a merit certificate through email and registered SMS. Through this competition, young talents will get help to showcase the best in them. Students from all the class can participate in ISRO Competition. This young generation is a bright future of the country and thus ISRO is making the best to shortlist these students.

ISRO Cyberspace Competition

There is a set of rules and regulations by ISRO for this particular competition. All the students need to follow these competition rules in order to participate. Check here for details:

  1. For Class 1 to 3, ISRO is conducting a drawing competition. Students of class 1 to 3 are too young and often interested in drawings. Giving them such competition will enhance their creativity at a tender age.
  2. For Class 4 to 8, ISRO will conduct a model-making competition. A particular topic will be sent in an e-mail and on ISRO official website. Students and their parents can check it from the official website and thus, on that topic they can make a model and submit it.
  3. For Class 9 and 10, there will be an essay competition. In particular, they need to see the topic and on that, they need to write an essay. The essay can be in both languages, Hindi or English.
  4. For Class 11 and 12, Space quiz contest and essay writing competition will be held. Students need to answer quiz questions. These questions will be like Multiple choice questions.

ISRO Competition –

Here are some details about Drawing competition, model making, essay writing, and space quiz contest. What this competition is comprised of? Let’s check here to know it better.

Drawing Competition

  • The topic of the drawing competition will be sent on the registered email of the student/ parent and as well as available on the ISRO website.
  • For drawing competition, the only usage of A3 size white paper or chart paper can be taken.
  • Only use water/ wax/ pencils colors for drawing in the competition.
  • Specify your registration number on the top of the drawing paper, right corner of it.
  • No student will have to mention their school name, branch, or their name on the size chart.
  • Once the drawing is completed, respective parents had to click a clear photograph of it and upload it to the ISRO official website. Or else scan it from the same official link.
  • The photograph should only in pdf or jpeg format.
  • The particular file name of the student should be the registration number only. If it is saved by any other name then it will be rejected straight away.

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Model Making

  • The topic of the competition will be sent on the registered e-mail address or it will be available on the ISRO official site.
  • Model making can be made only with cardboard, clothes, adhesives tape, paper, colors, and gums. Anything more rather than this to be used in the model making will not be accepted.
  • On completing the task of model making on a particular topic, 1 to 4 photographs of the model making will be uploaded Online.
  • The registration number of the student is to be mentioned on the top corner of the sheet.
  • Mentioning the school name or student name on the model will make your participation rejected from the side of ISRO.
  • PDF format only is to be used to submit your project.
  • Use only the registration number as the name of the file whenever you are sending it online.

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Essay Writing Competition

  • Essay writing competition Topic will be sent only through email or will be available on the official website.
  • Students have to write an essay in – Hindi or the English language as selected at the time of registration.
  • Essay writing word Limit will be up to 1,000 words.
  • A typed essay will not be accepted. Only essay writing, written by the participant will be accepted.
  • The participant has to use A4 sheet to write an essay.
  • To write an essay use only a black or blue ballpoint pen only.
  • Specify your particular registration number on the top right corner of the page.
  • Did not mention your name, school name anywhere on the paper.
  • Scan or click a clear photo of an essay and upload it. Before that, convert it into a PDF format.
  • A registration number will only your file name. Nothing else.

Remember that no copying from the Internet is allowed. If ISRO officials found out then, the participant will be disqualified immediately. To know more about ISRO Cyberspace Competition, stay tuned.

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