HSRP Apply Online State Wise, High Security Number Plate Registration, Benefits

HSRP High Security Number Plate Apply online is to be done through online mode. By visiting the official website you need to simply register there and add your two or four wheeler plate numbers to get it done. The government of India has made it official and compulsory for all the vehicle owners to get the High Security Registration Plate. In all the states, owners need to be done before the end date finalized by the authorities of government. Color-coded fuel stickers or HSRP has many benefits too. Vehicle owners who will not get this done will have to fill the challan in the coming days. Check out all the information given here about HSRP Registration for all states and more. Owners must look for the key points below carefully.

HSRP Plate Apply Online

Now you must be thinking that how you will get the registration done in this crucial phase of the pandemic? Well, here is the answer. HSRP High Security Number Plate Registration is now available Online. By visiting the official website which is bookmyhsrp.com you can easily do the registration. On visiting you will see many options like Private vehicle or Commercial vehicle. You need to choose whether your vehicle is private or commercial. Afterward, choosing the option you need to choose what kind of vehicle it is? Whether it is CNG, petrol, CNG + petrol, electric, diesel need to be chosen. Then whatever you have chosen you will be given options like car, bike, scooter, auto, or heavy vehicle. After choosing any of the options you need to opt for the company of your particular car, bike, or whatsoever your vehicle is. This is how you can do the HSRP high security number Plate Apply Online.

High Security Number Plate and License Summary

Here is a table that will have HSRP Plate number and license. This table will give you all the information all together.

Name of the Organization Transport Department of India
What is the full form of HSRP? HSRP means High Security Registration Plate
HSRP is introduced by Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MORTH)
Mode Online mode or owner can contact the vehicle Dealer. Recently Delhi Government collaborated with 200 dealers.
Registration Start Date Already stated
Plate Size Issued 1 mm which will be especial grade aluminum plate
Category of Article HSRP Registration Apply Online
Booking to be done date Any date of now
Official web site www.bookmyhsrp.com or check state wise

HSRP Plate Features and Benefits

There are a set of features and benefits of HSRP Plate and license. By registering for it and issuing the plate, you will get a sort of security. Now here are the points listed below which are as follows:

  1. In case, your vehicle is stolen, the HSRP plate and license number will not let it happen. It will secure your vehicle from stolen. As per the pattern of High Security plate, there is a pin engraved on the plate which will lock the plate and your vehicle. Apparently, it cannot be removed by anyone and will protect the vehicle from the theft.
  2. HSRP Plate is hamper proof. The plate is designed in a way that cannot be hampered by any means. It will be stick to your vehicle from the start to the last. So, if it is stolen, it can be tracked by the pin number on it or by any type of hampering tried on the plate. For police mainly it will become easy to locate the stolen vehicle.
  3. The above two points are applicable only when the owner will provide all the important details for the issuing of the plate. After that vehicle of the owner will be theft free.
  4. There is a set of uniform pattern for the plates which will be issued to every registered vehicle owner. These uniform patterns are not easily recognizable and traceable.
  5. So, these are some of the features which you can look for once you will get the HSRP plate.
  6. Features of HSRP Plate is as follows:
  7. It will prevent the counterfeiting of the vehicle. Your vehicle will be safe after getting the plate or the license.
  8. There is a hologram on the plate that has a round circle like chakra mainly in blue color.
  9. The plate will act as an ingressed IND legend.
  10. The unique number which is engraved on the plate is actually laser-etched digital code which cannot be hampered in any condition.
  11. It has one more feature called snap lock. This feature will lock the plate and vehicle together.
  12. The plate is shielded with super grade retro reflecting sheeting. It will eventually protect the HSRP plate.
  13. The plate is a security inscript mainly.
  14. The plate will come with embossed alpha Numerical and border. It will help the vehicle gradually from any theft.

State Wise HSRP Registration Website

State Name HSNP Registration Website
HSRP Andaman and Nicobar Islands Apply Link
HSRP Andhra Pradesh Apply Link
HSRP Arunachal Pradesh Apply Link
HSRP Assam Apply Link
HSRP Bihar Apply Link
High Security Number Plate Chandigarh Apply Link
High Security Registration Plate Chhattisgarh Apply Link
HSRP Dadra and Nagar Haveli Apply Link
HSRP Daman and Diu Apply Link
HSRP Delhi Apply Link
HSRP Goa Apply Link
HSNP Gujarat Apply Link
HSNP Harayana Apply Link
HSNP Himachal Pradesh Apply Link
High Security Number Plate Jammu and Kashmir Apply Link
HSRP Jharkhand Apply Link
HSRP Karnataka Apply Link
HSRP Kerala Apply Link
HSRP Ladakh Apply Link
Lakshadweep Apply Link
Madhya Pradesh Apply Link
Maharashtra Apply Link
Manipur Apply Link
Meghalaya Apply Link
Mizoram Apply Link
Nagaland Apply Link
Odisha Apply Link
Puducherry Apply Link
High Security Registration Plate Punjab Apply Link
High Security Registration Plate Rajasthan Apply Link
Sikkim Apply Link
Tamil Nadu Apply Link
Telangana Apply Link
Tripura Apply Link
Uttar Pradesh Apply Link
Uttarkhand Apply Link
West Bengal Apply Link

More information will be updated for High Security Number Plate, stay tuned.

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