Ambassadors of Hope Result, Top 100 Prize Winners 1st 2nd List

Ambassadors of Hope Result 1st top 100 consolation prize winners list has been announced. Around 1 Lakh students took part in this program. At the time of launching Ambassadors of Hope, he promised to declare 1000 winners in total from the state. On June 1st, 2020 100 winners name was announced. Following that on 2nd June to 100 more winners name was announced. According to Singla, the whole program was to engage students in some creativity and they will announce 100 winners daily till 10th of June 2020. The initiative of this campaign, which started as an online competition in Punjab state, boosted the morale of children and proved very successful.

The crisis of Covid-19 has impacted not only small and large scale businesses but also the entire education system in India. Though virtual learning has become a new trend in India completely at the time of the pandemic. Here what Punjab State Government is taking new initiatives and setting a benchmark for their students. Education Minister of Punjab, Vijay Inder Singla has started a new program in the month of May for all students called “Ambassadors of Hope”.

Latest Update>>> The result of ambassador of hope Punjab 2020 Winner List of Top 3 Final Students is released today. Now the Winner can claim their Prize by direct link given below next to your name.

Ambassador of Hope Result

Singla briefly explained the condition of Punjab state fighting the Covid-19 crisis. While he added that, our state has taken precautions much before than any other state. While we also took the charge of those precautions to be executed in the right order so that we can fight against Corona Virus. The conditions in Punjab are under control and now we are emphasizing more on strengthening our education system. The time of the Covid-19 pandemic is set to be harsh on each and every one. But to battle against is the only solution while taking charge of the economy and other things hand in hand.

Most of the entries were from Ludhiana district was expected 16,084, followed by this Amritsar entries were 13,862, and Sangrur district entries were 10,741. Then Patiala entries were around 10,614 and Gurdaspur to 7,030 entries. Apart from these the students of other district like Amritsar, Pathankot, Hoshiarpur, SAS Nagar, Bathinda, Ludhiana etc is participate in this competition at large numbers.

Singla added that we will be announcing winners on merit and for me, everyone is a winner. While the winners will get Ipad, laptops, and other prizes yet to be disclosed by the Government of Punjab. Top 3 winners will be from 22 districts of Punjab and this is not it. They will announce 50 more consolation prizes.

What is Ambassadors of Hope? Explained

Ambassadors of Hope has set a record by engaging almost 18 lakh students in this massive online competition held by the Government of Punjab. Most of the participation was recorded from Ludhiana. Nevertheless, students from all 22 districts of Punjab have shown their interest and participated in the online competition kindheartedly. Now, what are Ambassadors of Hope?

In the crisis of Covid-19 how one can deal in the atmosphere of abject negativity. Not only students but also 2.5 crore people have also engaged in this massive program called Ambassadors of Hope. This particular program has come up like a Hope in the times of pandemic. The main objective behind this was to know and watch how the young generation of India sees this crisis and how these 60 days can turn out to be not negative but positive. Around Lakh of students engaged in Ambassadors of Hope and uploaded a short video of 1-3 minutes of all Social Platforms. Witnessing those videos with a zeal, Singla added that, “it was heartwarming to see that the young generation is far more farsighted than we are as a government and they showed such a response just on one call”.

From that moment students were uploading their videos on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter with a trending hashtag of #AmbassadorsofHope.

The winner Name of Ambassador of Hope Punjab is now declare and given below.

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The expectation of Normalcy to Reopening of Schools

While addressing media in Chandigarh, Singla added that can’t expect when normalcy will get to see in all areas of the state but there is no such chance of reopening of schools in the state. Though the long summer vacations are over in state on May 10th for all schools we remain to keep the shutdown till the orders. Adding more to “Ambassadors of Hope”, he said that the motto behind initiating such programs is to keep engagement and creativity restored in the young generation. He also told media that from every private school, government school even from border too, we got videos ranging from music, art, dancing, poetry to combat the Covid-19 crisis in a better way.

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Ambassador of Hope Contest Certificate

After the results, The participated candidates can download the Ambassadors of Hope certificate from

Ambassador of Hope Result will be announced in the next days too. To see your names, keep a close look at the twitter handle of Singla or you can check the above link given on our website. You can share your thoughts and ask queries in given the comment box.

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