Dr. U. Sreedhar

M.Sc.(Ag.); Ph.D., PGDHRM, PGDESD Head, Division of Crop Protection

Contact Address:

Division of Crop Protection,
ICAR-Central Tobacco Research Institute,
Andhra Pradesh
Phone (Mobile): 9397903313
Email Address: usreedharctri@yahoo.com

Employment Record

* Head i/c , Division of Crop Protection 2014 – 2016
* Head, Division of Crop Protection 2009-14
* Principal Scientist 2006 onwards
* Senior Scientist 1998-2006
* Scientist 1989-1998.

Area of Interest

Integrated Pest Management, Insect ecology, host plant resistance, biological control, ecotoxicology of insecticides


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• Dr. R.P. Srivastava Memorial Natioanl Award (Gold Medal) for outsanding contributions in the field of Entomology - 2014
• Crystal National Agri Award 2014 for Outstanding Contribution to Agricultural Research
• Dr. G.J. Patel Gold Medal for Outstanding Research in Crop Protection- 1998
• Sri. Devappa Award for Outstanding Research in Tobacco Crop Protection - 1995
• Best Research Paper Presentation Award - Entomological Research Association, Udaipur - 2014
• ISTS Best Research Paper Award 2005, 2009 & 2011
• Fellow Entomological Society of India, New Delhi
• Fellow Plant Protection Association of India, Hyderabad
• Fellow Indian Society of Tobacco Science, Rajahmundry
• Fellow Society for Plant Protection Sciences, New Delhi
• Research Guide for P.G. Students of Andhra University, Visakhapatnam; Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur & Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajahmundry.
• Secretary, Indian Society of Tobacco Science 2009-13
• Editor, Tobacco Research Journal 2007-09