Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sarala

M.Sc.(Ag.),Ph.D, PGDTMA Head, Division of Crop Improvement

Contact Address:

Division of Crop Improvement,
ICAR-Central Tobacco Research Institute,
Rajahmundry-533 105. Phone (Mobile): 9849726890
Email Address: ksarala@rediffmail.com

Employment Record •

• Principal Scientist at CTRI, Rajahmundry (2008 -Till date) • Senior Scientist at CTRI, Rajahmundry (2000 -2008)
• Scientist(sr. scale) at CTRI, Rajahmundry (1997-2000)
• Scientist at CTRI, Rajahmundry (1993-1997)
• Scientist (on probation) at IARI, New Delhi (1993)
• Scientist (on probation) at NAARM, Hyderabad (1992-1993)

Area of Interest

Plant biotechnology, breeding, genetics and cyto-genetics


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• National Merit Scholarship from Government of India-1981-87 • APAU Junior Research Fellowship from Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University -1987-89
• IARI Senior Fellowship from IARI, New Delhi -1989-92
• ISTS Gold medal for best paper presentation- 2000.
• Tobacco Board Award for outstanding contribution in tobacco research for the triennium 2002-05
• Fellow award-2012 by Society of Applied Biotechnology
• Plant biotechnologist award-2014 by Society for Education and Scientific Research
• ‘Certificate of felicitation’ for the phenomenal and worthy oral presentation by OMICs publishing group and Editors, USA.
• Member Board of Studies of Government College (Autonomous), Rajahmundry during 2008-2015
• Member Board of Studies of Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajahmundry for M. Sc. (Botany, zoology and Biotechnology).
• Executive member, Indian Society of Tobacco Science for the period 2007-09 and 2011-13