Dr. S. Kasturi Krishna

M.Sc.(Ag) Ph.D. Head, Division of Crop Production

Contact Address:

ICAR-Central Tobacco Research Institute,
Bhaskar Nagar RAJAHMUNDRY - 533 105
Phone (Mobile): 9440481561
Email Address: krishnakasturi@rediffmail.com

Employment Record •

• Head Division of Crop Production from 28.10.2014
• Principal Scientist, CTRI, Rajahmundry, 13.02.2010 to 27.10.14
• Senior Scientist, CTRI, Rajahmundry, 13.02.2004 to 12.02.2010
• Scientist (SS), CTRI, Rajahmundry, 01.09.2000 to 12.02.2004
• Scientist (SS) CTRI RS, Jeelugumilli,13.02.1999 to 30.08.2000
• Scientist , CTRI, Rajahmundry, 16.08.1997 to 12.02.1999
• Scientist, CTRI RS Jeelugumilli, 14.03.1997 to 16.8.1997
• Scientist, IGFRI, Jhansi, 24.07.1995 to 12.03.1997
. Scientist, NAARM, Hyderabad,13.02.1995 to 23.07.95

Area of Interest

Weed management, Post harvest technology


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1. Best Poster presentation Award, 2002. National Symposium on “Agriculture in changing global scenario” held at IARI, New Delhi.
2. Best Poster presentation Award, 2004. National Seminar on “Resource management for sustainable Agriculture” Technical session-I (Soil and water management) held at Agricultural college, Bapatla.
3. ISTS Combined award, 2003. National symposium on tobacco “Facing future challenges” held at ITA auditorium, Guntur.
4. ITA Award, 2000 for outstanding contribution in Agronomy of FCV tobacco for the Triennium 1998-2000. ISTS
5. Reviewer for the following Journals:
• Indian Journal of soil conservation
• African Journal of Agricultural Research
• African Research Journal
• Tobacco Research