CENTRIFUGE (Table top)

Make : Eppendorf


Centrifuge 5430 R has an additional temperature control function for centrifugation between -11ºC and +40ºC use the Fast Temp function to start a temperature control run without samples to adjust the rotor chamber incl. rotor, buckets and adapters quickly to the set target temperature. This temperature control run also be started automatically at specified times using the Fast Temp pro function.


The particles get separated according to their size, shape, density, viscosity of the medium and rotor speed. The centrifuge involves principle of sedimentation, where the acceleration at centripetal force causes denser substances to separate out along the radial direction at the bottom of the tube


The versatile e centrifuge 5430/5430 R has a capacity of 30 × 2.0 ml and reaches max. 30.130 × g/17,000 rpm. The versatility is reflected in the available rotor options. One can select among different rotors to centrifuge the following tubes for various applications:
• Micro test tubes ( 0.2 to 2.0 ml )
• PCR strips
• Falcon tubes (15 / 50 ml )
• Micro test plates
• PCR plates
• Deep well plates ( max. height 29 mm )

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