Make: Eppendorf

Model:Master cycler 5345000.515 with gradient option


The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a laboratory technique for DNA replication that allows a “target” DNA sequence to be selectively amplified. PCR can use the smallest sample of the DNA to be cloned and amplify it to millions of copies in just a few hours.


Can be utilized in the following applications • Amplification of specified genomic regions
• Analysis of allelic sequence variations
• Cloning of genomic DNA or cDNA
• Mutagenesis or modification of DNA
• Assays for the presence of pathogens
• Detection of mutations
• Genetic fingerprinting of forensic samples

User instructions

• All the PCR components should be handled in icebox/cooler box
• Short spin of PCR tubes with the components before loading in to the machine will ensure that the components to settle at the bottom of the tube.

Analysis Charges:

  • Contact the in-charge