Smoke Machine


Model: SM 450, 2010


  • Conforms to : ISO 3308 and ISO 4387
  • Cigarette sample length : 50 – 120 mm
  • Cigarette butt length* : 20 – 45 mm (over whole product length range)
  • Cigarette sample diameter : 7.5 to 9 mm
  • Air : 5.75 bar at a rate of 120 l /min
  • Required Extraction : Extraction rate to exceed 47 l /sec
  • Ambient operating temperature: 15 – 30° C Humidity: 40 to 70% RH non condensing
  • Puff volume : 10 to 70 ml in steps of 0.1ml
  • Puff duration : 1.0 second to 5.0 seconds in 0.1 second intervals
  • Puff interval : 10 seconds to 999 seconds in 1 second intervals
  • Profile Lighter adjustment : User-selectable variable delay, warm-up duration and relights
  • Accessories

    SM 450, QTM-3, QTM-5, QTM-8.


    The Smoke Machine, SM450 is a manually operated 20 port linear smoking machine complying with the design requirements of ISO3308. It is capable of smoking ISO and Canadian methods without reduction in smoking throughput or efficiency. A wide variety of cigarettes or bidis can be smoked using the appropriate holders.


    Carbon monoxide generated during smoking can be collected in bags for analysis via the built-in optional gas analyzer through NDIR technique. Particulate matter is captured using the supplied Cambridge filter pad holders. The difference of initial and final mass of the filter pad is total particulate matter. Nicotine and water shall be determined by GC-FID and GC-TCD. Eliminating these two parameters from TPM leads to the estimation of Tar or Nicotine Free Dry Particulate matter.


    Cigarette and Bidi analysis for
  • Total Nicotine Free Dry Particulate Matter
  • Carbonmonoxide

    User instructions

    Provide minimum 100 -200 No. of Cigarettes or Bidis for Analysis

    Analysis Charges

    Rs.11,000/-+GST per sample